Deep Think Thoughts': Lily Seika Jones                                                                                 November 27th - December 19th.
The title of this exhibition comes from a poem I wrote a few years back, as a result of my inability to sleep with the thoughts floating around in my head. My practice seems to be a symptom of this, and the works presented here were brought together because I felt they all pointed to a larger narrative that I have yet to fully realize. Many of my works begin with an idly-drawn scribble, which I eventually return to and further develop, depending on what narrative I see accumulating at its edges. The characters and scenes I created for my stationery collection under Rivulet Paper Shop, were a response to the conclusion of my BA; I felt I had lost myself in the realm of theory and needed to return to the themes that have captivated me since I was a child: fairytales, and the power of narrative. Just as we return to past experiences to try and build a story we understand, it's become a hobby of mine, to find the story behind each drawing. A single teacup can be of importance depending on who it belongs to and where it has been.

Lily Seika Jones (b. 1989) is an illustrator/artist who graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BEd in Visual Arts and English Literature. With a background in painting and drawing in various media, she has most recently been working primarily in gouache, watercolour, and ink. She created Rivulet Paper Shop in 2014 - an online etsy stationary store - to showcase her illustrations. She currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.

This exhibtion will run in conjunction with, 'Ceramic Presents',
a group exhibition and holiday pop-up shop of functional ceramic works by Amelia Butcher, James Kemp, Sam Knopp and Linda Lewis.