November 4 - November 26, 2016

 Friday, November 4, 7 pm

Julia Kreutz: Momentary Vessels
Julia Kreutz is a visual artist, curator and arts educator working from Vancouver, BC. In each of these areas, Kreutz focuses on art’s ability to assist us in forming and re-forming our understanding of the world. Kreutz thinks of her practice as a fluid space between that of inquiry, research, creation and re-evaluation. Whether focusing on ideas of the ethnosphere, the spirit or ontology, her process is a research into the infinite fabrics that connect us.

'Momentary Vessels' aims to describe our spirit through what we hold and give symbolic reference. Vessels became a fascination for Kreutz during her undergraduate degree while majoring in ceramics. As ancient ceramic vessels describe life of cultures centuries ago, the works in 'Momentary Vessels' illuminate the qualities of life that are ephemeral and exist only for a moment.

Kreutz holds a combined BFA from Red Deer College and Emily Carr University, a BEd from Simon Fraser University, is an art teacher for the Surrey School District and co-owns and curates at Gam Gallery.