Trevor Van den Eijnden: Sham-Real Shadows                                                                                 January 23 – February 21, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, January 23, 8 – 11 pm

Trevor Van den Eijnden’s current work investigates the Anthropocene, our current global geological era born of the Industrial Revolution. These visual inquiries focus on the constructs of space versus place, where the former is a one-dimensional physical location and the latter is the overlapping subjective terrain. Sham-Real Shadowscenters on the collection and comparison of naturalist wallpapers for their romanticized illusions of nature, as well as grappling with the effects of global climate change in the extremes of plausible dystopic and utopic futures.

A historically rooted and popular format for interior decor, wallpaper presents a physical form to the conceptual process of burying nature behind mythologized facades of itself as they directly reference prevailing romanticized ideas of nature as subject. This way of thinking limits our engagement with and our understanding of nature. As Rene Magritte remarked, “there’s something else of an unfamiliar nature that appears at the same time as familiar things,” and here is a strangeness familiar to us all, which presents and acts more than as just decor: it points to its own strange strangeness. The resultant futility of these replicas of nature – and the failure of their referents to hold truth – is pertinent to their reading. Such as the romanticized notions they reference, they are shams at first sight.

Trevor Van den Eijnden is a visual artist, writer and designer who lives, and teaches in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally from Nova Scotia, he received his BFA in 2005 from NSCAD University. He is an MFA candidate in the Master of Applied Arts program at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Raised near a coast frequented by hurricanes and sharp shifts in the weather, he developed early a desire for understanding how we understand and relate ourselves to nature.