Michelle Weinstein: Mars Pamphleteer                                                                               Opening reception: Friday September 12, 7 pm - 1 am
Exhibition dates: September 13-October 10, 2014
Presented in conjunction with Swarm, Annual festival of artist-run culture.

Mars Pamphleteer is an experimentation and a fusion of two prospects –composite photos taken by the robotic mars rovers, and the conspiracy theory expounding that the original U.S. moon landing of 1969 was staged in a movie studio.

The Mars Pamphleteer animation is an obviously faked exploration of a new planet, created with stop-motion animation, handmade objects and studio space. Throughout, the apparatus of illusion is revealed yet transformed through the very process that it initiates. In other words, though the tools of animation are visible, props are evidently props, and time and light are unabashedly condensed, a vitality is granted through lens and screen. This is the inverse of the images sent from mars and the moon, which gain a strange fakeness in their reception; an exoticism so thrilling it feels fabricated. The existence of the moon landing conspiracy theory is a testament to the relevance of Debord and Baudrillard, and their ideas about spectacle and simulacra.

The project blends fragmented science fiction incidents. These include an invented time-lapse geologic history; planetary habitation by four-dimensional beings (either of alien origin or manifestations of spirit sent from human shamanic wanderings); and the laboratory creation of plant and microscopic life. Mars Pamphleteer is a functional storyboard, a new form of diagrammatic imagery that “acts out” its own representation. The work attempts to find a boundary where a diagrammatic image can create an affective experience of the space or narrative that it is representing.

This project is in honor of Mars One, which plans to begin the colonization of Mars in 2024. The Martian outpost will be funded through a spectacular reality TV show based on the colony’s operations.


Born in Toronto, and raised in Connecticut, Michelle Weinstein earned her Bachelor of Fine Art at Maine College of Art, and Yale University. She began exhibiting her work upon graduation and has been shown nationally and internationally. Mars Pamphleteer is her first solo exhibition in Canada. Weinstein was awarded a Social Science and Humanities Research Award (SSHRC) by the Canadian government in 2014. She has relocated from Los Angeles, CA to Vancouver BC as an MFA Candidate (2015) at the University of British Columbia.

This exhibition has been graciously sponsored by Cariboo Brewing.