Again and Again: Caitlin McDonagh | Ola Volo | Andrea Wan
June 6 – July 4, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday June 6, 8 pm - late

Again and Again is an exhibition exploring the pattern of mythos through the illustrative works of Caitlin McDonagh, Ola Volo and Andrea Wan. Each participating artist draws from their distinct cultural and geographic locations, tracing common threads of the human experience through an often chaotic and disorienting world. In both the repetitions observed in nature and in the telling and retelling of stories we see patterns of generational influence that create timeless reverberation. In the works of these contemporary illustrative artists we see these connections playfully visualized through figurative means, often repeating or distorting forms to emphasize a narrative element.

Caitlin McDonagh is a visual artist born and raised on Vancouver Island, currently living in Victoria BC. She focuses on the playfulness of illustration and the social aspect of storytelling. Her pictures draw inspiration from the idea of positive/negative, creatures, folklore, different cultures, history, and the everlasting search for “home.” As well as an ongoing exploration into all of the things we keep inside, and what it would be like if these things were exposed for everyone to see

Ola Volo is a Canadian illustrator from Kazakhstan with a love of nature and folklore. She graduated from Emily Carr University with a background in illustration and design. Her illustrations are a mixture of animals, people, history and nature. Using traditional and digital mediums, she creates stories touching on folklore, symbolism, human nature and the little surprises of everyday life. As well as doing commissions for a range of international clients, she also finds time to do her own gallery artwork and book projects.

Andrea Wan is an illustrator and visual artist born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver and based in Berlin. Her characters explore environments of the subconscious, seemingly suspended in a white void. The usual flow of time breaks up and objects take on a life of their own. After graduating with a film degree from Emily Carr University, Andrea shifted her strong visual sense and love of storytelling to studying illustration and design at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark. While exhibiting her fine art works internationally, Andrea has rocked editorial illustrations for a range of publications like Nylon, Montecristo Magazine and the Globe and Mail.

Presented as part of Art Waste 2014


Patterning Folklore: Workshop with Ola Volo
Saturday June 14, 1-4 pm
Gam Gallery

The workshop will utilize folklore for inspiration and patterns to build images through collage using coloured paper, black ink and markers. We will look at patterns that are used around the world and the ways they embellish and define a culture. Thus, mixing the right kind of pattern can play an integral part in your creative work. This will also be an open space for anyone to bring patterns from their heritage and contribute to the fascinating explorations of old folklore stories and combining it with creative modern patterning as a storytelling devise.

Participants of all ages and experience are welcome.

Presented in conjunction with Vancouver Draw Down.