Ryan Bekolay: You Are Here
26 April- 10 May, 2013
opening reception: 26 September, 7 pm

Ryan Bekolay's first solo exhibition in Canada, You Are Here, explores the current relationship between technology, nature and humans. Using a variety of media such as topographical maps, a flag, animation and photography, the artist draws the viewer into a layered consideration of everyday mediators of reality such as politics, religion and mapping. A dark sense of humour pervades Bekolay's works, from photographs of banal urban landscapes to Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble driving in a landscape generated in Google Maps, all of which hints at the alienation experienced in contemporary culture and the spectacle used to fill the gaps.

Ryan Bekolay was raised in rural Central Alberta where he spent his formative years observing life in the pastoral surroundings of the prairies where he developed a strong spiritual connection with nature in the shadow of traditional faith. Leaving home at seventeen, he has lived in regions across North America and in his experience has seen the extremes of dogmatic religious fundamentalism and the vicissitudes of solitary spirituality, the simplicity of country life and metropolitan idealism, all of which have shaped his optimism for the future and his creativity in the present.