BETWEEN THE LINES : Mark Illing // Sean Karemaker // Laura McIntosh // Jon Shaw // Jordan Turner // Alison Woodward //                                                                                                     January 18 - March 1, 2013

Exhibition Opening: January 18, 8 - 11 pm
w/ musical performance by Elise Hall-Meyer

Guest curated by Sean Karemaker//

Gam Gallery is pleased to present "Between the Lines," a group exhibition that explores the use of line or drawing across a variety of media and genres. Works range from graphic novel illustrations and whimsical characters to studies of the urban landscape and fantastical architectural vistas rendered in intense detail.

Mark Illing -
I build my images out from the smallest detail, allowing for the overarching composition to grow in an unpremeditated, organic manner. This creates a contrast between the very specifically designed details and their spontaneous relationship to each other.

Sean Karemaker -
Since the time that I was a young child, comic books stood out to me as being more than just cheap entertainment. In the absence of religion the larger than life characters gave me a mythology to look to. I lived in a small town and comics showed a world that I couldn't imagine.

Laura McIntosh -
Laura McIntosh is an artist and illustrator based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She is passionate about ostriches in costume, and adventures in outer space.

Jon Shaw -
My work is produced in a rapid and often feverish manner. I have learned that if I cannot finish a piece within a sitting or two I become bored with it and move on, meaning that work might never reach completion. This immediacy results in faster more expressive work whilst leaving me craving my next painting’s creation.

Jordan Turner -
I am currently being influenced by aspects of: market consumerism, semiotics, survivalism, literacy, e-waste, communication grids, hiking, canoeing, zombies, crow culture and off-the-grid life stylings.

Alison Woodward -
Alison Woodward is a Vancouver based artist/illustrator who enjoys fantasy and whimsy.