Rumulo Cesar: Continuity/Discontinuity                                                                                    May 9 - 30, 2014                                                                                                                       Opening reception: May 9, 7-11pm

Please join us for the opening of Continuity / Discontinuity, the first solo exhibition in Vancouver of new works by Brazilian artist Romulo Cesar.

Romulo Cesar's work is both glassy and encrusted, amalgamating popular cultural forms such as the comic book cell (a framed unit of narrative) with thickly layered gestural markings created using disparate materials such as acrylic, specialized metallic paints and tar. The current exhibition of works includes a series of paintings on paper that are both garish and well composed, the paper folding and bending under the weight of the material upon its surface, exceeding the frame both physically and symbolically through a visceral overabundance.

The sculptural quality of these paintings is counterbalanced by Cesar's digital works, which are a mix of digital print and spray paints on polycarbonate panels with florescent gradients of colour. The compositions echo painterly colour washes and brush strokes and are often employed to further abstract or distort the loosely figurative cells that repeat throughout the work. The interplay of analog and digital elements creates a dialogue around the temporal and material qualities of art – its timeliness or timelessness, the cultural references that it absorbs, and the technology it employs as its medium of transmission.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Romulo Cesar currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada after spending a few years in Montréal. Having attended the Fine Arts Academy of Rio de Janeiro from 2002 to 2004, Cesar went on to pursue self expression outside the academic system. His work has been shown in Brazil, The United States and Canada.