What's The Matter?                                                                                                                   Exhibition runs from November 16 to December 14, 2012.                                                       Opening reception: November 16, 8 to 11 pm

Gam Gallery is pleased to present what's the matter? an exhibition featuring the undergraduate Contemporary Art Theory Class from the University of British Columbia. In the course students explore both theoretical discourse and its practical manifestations in cultural spaces and artistic practice. In the last two years Gam Gallery and this class have collaborated together to realize an exhibition by the students. For most it is their first opportunity to exhibit work. This year the students have developed an exhibition from readings and discussions concerning the 'matter' of art. The class has divided into two groups with each group responding to a found object from a distinctly different point.

We are going to collaborate on creating multiple interpretations and projecting our own theoretical stances on a found object. This will involve the creation of individual artist statements and personal relations to the “work”. This is intended to generate discussion and/or confusion around authenticity and the creation of theories and/or narratives.

For the material aspect of the show, we are each going to make a reproduction of the found object chosen by the dematerial group. Each reproduction will be made from different mediums chosen by the individual artist, both two and three-dimensional. Our reproductions are meant to counter the theoretical discussion of the other group by questioning the authenticity of reproduction, the value of reproduction, and whether reproduction can be considered art. We are also interested in the idea of the occupation of space and how reproduction functions in terms of space.

This exhibition is made possible through the support of the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at The University of British Columbia.